Sunday, July 23, 2017

Beat the bed weather with a bottle of Kopiko 78°c

It’s been raining on and off the past few days and it’s so tempting to stay at home curled up in a ball covered by our warm and fluffy comforters. But though we're experiencing bed weather, we don’t always have the luxury of letting it get the best of us. But just because the weather’s gloomy, doesn’t mean you have to be, too


So, we get up—albeit begrudgingly—and do whatever we have to do to get through the gloomy day, be it taking a nice cold shower, listening to upbeat music or drinking coffee. Coffee has always been there for those who want to stay focused and motivated despite the rains. We can choose to get a brewed coffee, whip up some instant coffee, or buy the cold ready-to-drink coffee at the nearest store.

For students trying to get through an all-nighter and those who in a hurry to get to the office, the bottled coffee lattes are the best option, not only because it saves you the time of preparing a coffee, but also because it satisfies that thirst for a refreshing and recharging beverage. 

These bottled coffee lattes not only serve as a refreshment but also help give you get the much-needed boost you need during afternoons when you need to finish your tasks whether in school or at work on a lazy gloomy day. Bottled coffee lattes answer the Filipinos’ need for a ready-to-drink cold beverage that can liven up their day.

Whether you’re a student trying to focus for a presentation the next day or a professional working that dreaded night shift, a bottle of coffee latte will definitely help you get the job done so you can recharge and stay focused on your tasks. The best part is, it’s available in your nearest convenience store which are open 24/7. And so, no matter what time of the day it is, if ever you need that extra boost, the cold bottled coffee latte is the drink for you.

But with so many bottled coffee products already available in the stores, choose the coffee extracted at the optimum temperature to give you the rich taste and tempting aroma– the Kopiko 78°c.

Best served chilled, Kopiko 78°c is perfect for starting the day, getting through siesta time, and even when you need to pull off an all-nighter. Remember that just like any other beverage and any other thing, too much is bad so take Kopiko 78°c in moderation. It also gives you the unique on-the-go coffee experience that helps you recharge during the day wherever you are.

Huion Drawing and Animation Tools Soon to be Available in the Philippines

I have a very talented niece who could draw with gadgets she have with her. When I attended the product launch of Huion, I thought it was just another mobile but as I look over their products and how it was an affordable alternative to the usually expensive products related on digital drawing and animation, I was happy and at the same time amazed. Finally I could get a tool perfect for my niece’s creativity.

Introducing Huion. A product produced by Graphics Technology (HK) Limited whose products includes Huion's main product line includes the USB Pen Tablet, Wireless Pen Tablet, Signature Pad, Pen Tablet Monitor and LED Tracing Board. OEM and ODM. Together with American Technologies, Inc. (ATI) it will offer an affordable alternative to the usually very costly products related to digital drawing and animation.

Last July 18, 2017, Huion PH inked partnership with The Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators (PSITE) and also formalized agreement with the Animation Council of the Philippines. Held at the Boracay Function Room of EDSA Shangri-La Hotel in Mandaluyong City, they presented to the media the Huion Products.

The good news is Huion will be available in the Philippine market soon.  ATI will be the sole distributor of the product in the Philippines.  You can visit their website at

Friday, July 21, 2017

Cebu Pacific to provide airlift support to wounded soldiers, cops in Marawi

CEB to provide free cargo for relief goods for Marawi

Cebu Pacific Air (PSE: CEB) will be providing airlift support to military and police personnel wounded in action (WIA) in Marawi City. On top of the free airlift on Cebu Pacific flights, the WIA government troops will also get baggage allowance of up to 40 kilograms.


In cooperation with the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Philippine National Police (PNP), this initiative aims to augment air support by the Philippine Air Force by helping move wounded government troops from field hospitals in the area to larger medical facilities of the AFP and PNP. Through this, field medical stations can be declogged, giving way for wounded soldiers and police personnel who need immediate medical attention.

"It is with deep gratitude that we accept this kind gesture of support by Cebu Pacific led by its President and CEO, Mr Lance Gokongwei, in the airlift of our heroes Wounded in Action in Marawi. This will not just afford our troops immediate treatment in hospitals that offer better facilities to aid their speedy recovery, but a meaningful gesture to make your Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, and Marines feel that their sacrifices are being recognized and appreciated," says Marine Colonel EdgardArevalo, Chief of the AFP's Public Affairs Office.

The officers and rank-and-file of the Philippine National Police and our families are grateful for this magnanimous expression of kindness and compassion by the management of Cebu Pacific to provide life-saving medical evacuation to policemen who are wounded in fighting local terrorists in Mindanao. This is not the first time that Cebu Pacific extended a helping hand to our troops. We cannot thank them enough for keeping the Filipino spirit of ‘Bayanihan’ alive in such crucial time of emergency,” says Police Chief Superintendent Dionardo Carlos, Chief of the PNP Public Information Office.

WIA government troops who are fit enough for commercial flights can be accommodated on Cebu Pacific flights from Cagayan de Oro (Laguindingan Airport), and flown to any CEB domestic destination. Currently, Cebu Pacific has direct flights from Cagayan de Oro to Bacolod; Tagbilaran, Bohol; Cebu; Davao; Iloilo and Manila. By July 26, CEB will also fly direct between Cagayan de Oro and Zamboanga City.

On top of the airlifting of WIA government troops, CEB is also airlifting cargo of relief goods and other humanitarian assistance for affected residents. Donors may coordinate with the GMA Kapuso Foundation or the Philippine Business for Social Progress for packing and transport arrangements of their donated goods.

Cebu Pacific will continue to provide free cargo support for relief goods and other essential items for displaced residents of Marawi City  and adjacent areas from various organizations, most notably the Department of Social Welfare and Development. These include food and water; medicines; bandages; clothing and other necessities. The airline has provided equipment support to the Office of Civil Defense in the transport of humanitarian assistance.

Score back-to-school offers from Griffin’s Cookie Bear and Res|Toe|Run

Griffin’s Cookie Bear and Res|Toe|Run are making back-to-school season more delightful with treats you and your kids will surely enjoy.

Goodies from New Zealand’s Favorite Biscuit Bakers, Griffin’s Cookie Bear, await those shopping at Res|Toe|Run. With every single receipt purchase of Res|Toe|Run Kids’ footwear, you can get a complimentary pack of Cookie Bear Hundreds & Thousands. Available in Pink and Chocolate Icing variants, and made with real New Zealand milk, these delicious biscuits are perfect for recess and after-school snacking. Get these freebies until August 9 in these Res|Toe|Run branches: UP Town Center, TriNoma, Alabang Town Center, Estancia Mall, Robinsons Magnolia, Harbor Point Subic, Nuvali, Abreeza Davao, and Ayala Center Cebu.

You and your little ones can also meet the adorable Cookie Bear mascot and get to play the Cookie Match tablet game to win Griffin’s Cookie Bear biscuits and other prizes. Mark your calendars and head over to these Res|Toe|Run branches: Robinsons Magnolia on July 2; Alabang Town Center on July 9; TriNoma Mall on July 16; and UP Town Center on July 23.

To make back-to-school season even more fun and exciting, Griffin’s Cookie Bear and Res|Toe|Run will be giving away Php 1,000 Res|Toe|Run gift certificates to ten (10) lucky winners of its online promo. Learn more about this and other surprises on the Griffin’s Facebook page (

Share delightful moments with your kids, and make school and bonding time sweeter with Griffin’s Cookie Bear biscuits, and Res|Toe|Run Kids, a children-focused line of Res|Toe|Run, a fashion footwear “restaurant-concept” store. For more details, follow their Facebook and Instagram pages (@ResToeRunOfficial).

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Bounty Fresh Saucy ToriKaraage: a quick fix real meal for young professionals

Today’s young professionals need not worry about having a real meal that is quick and easy to prepare. The country’s leading poultry brand, Bounty Fresh, launched its newest product, the Saucy ToriKaraage – a quick fix, 100% all-natural chicken meal.

Preparing a real meal is never easy. Just the amount of time and the number of steps involved is more than enough to overwhelm young professionals who have just arrived home from a long day at work.

With great focus on their career growth and passions, today’s young generation do not have the time to wait for meats to thaw, chop vegetables, and find the perfect mix of condiments.  Food must be quick and easy to prepare, involving a maximum of three steps.

And that is all it takes to prepare the Saucy ToriKaraage – 7 to 8 minutes of cooking and it’s like having your favorite meal served.

Made with only the freshest chicken and with two flavourful variants to choose from – Teriyaki and Sweet and Sour – the Bounty Fresh Saucy ToriKaraage definitely meets the demands of young professionals and their fast-paced lifestyle. It’s an all-natural chicken meal that does not require complex preparations.

The Bounty Fresh Saucy ToriKaraage is now available in leading supermarkets nationwide and is the newest quick and easy to prepare meal made with flavorful 100% all-natural chicken meat.

Eating flavorful meals is now made easier for millennials with the new Bounty Fresh Sauch ToriKaraage, which comes in teriyaki and sweet and sour flavors.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Say Hello to Burger King's Cheetos 4-Cheese Crunch and Thick-Blended Milkshakes

Burger King Finds His True Match

I’m a burger – person, I love burger the most and I’m always on the lookout for the best burger in town. I remember when I was in Seoul and it was so cold that one November day, I was hankering for a good-old burger to lift me up. I look all over because I don’t like the burger in the hotel where I’m staying. And then I saw a Burger King at Myeondong and I was so happy. I was disappointed when I entered the place because the line is long and everyone seemed to huddle inside. But I waited because the thought of juicy, smoky taste hot off the grill burger is making me happy.


Burger King has always been my go-to burger and I tried all their burgers believe me. This time what makes me happy is that Burger King officially launched the new Cheetos 4 Cheese Crunch Burger. Held at the Burger King Greenhills last July 14,2017, the launch of the Cheetos 4 Cheese Crunch Burger simply wowed us because the new burger have the unique combination of four-cheese flavors with our favorite flame grilled patty and what is amazing is it is made even better with the addition of Cheetos signature crunch.

So what do you think is inside the Cheetos 4 Cheese Crunch? It is made with Cheetos Cheddar Jalapeno and 100% beef patty bringing a cheesier, beefier, tastier, and hotter burger experience. Sharing the spotlight are its other ingredients, which include Mozzarella, Swiss cheese, American cheese and Cheddar Cheese sauce. It was so delicious especially when it's hot off the grill!

During the launch, it was also revealed that Burger King Philippines is rooting for an ideal partner for the Cheetos 4 Cheese Crunch Burger with no less than a milkshake. If you’re as fond as me of watching 1950’s themed American movie, I’m sure you’ll notice how they always order their burger with a Milkshake.

Well you could try one now as Burger King Philippines is blending a special concoction of thick milkshakes made up of creamy vanilla, rich chocolates or strawberry dreams. But this blend remains in the BK kitchen as they want to hear first of what you think of the great addition to the menu. Is it a yay or a nay?

As one of the first who have a heavenly taste of the thick-blended milkshakes where every slurp is a burst of creamy, yummy goodness, then its’ a big YAY!  I love how the milkshake perfectly complements the unique flame grilled taste of their burger and the soft and crispy quality of their thick cut fries.

This new variations and reinventing of their products is one of Burger King’s continued effort to satisfy the craving of Burger King’s consumers according to Ms. Jo Anne Tan, Burger King Philippines Marketing Head. She added that “we hope to bring milkshakes in the Philippines to complete the “indulgent American burger experience.”  

The heavenly cups of thick and creamy goodness will be surprisingly affordable so they’re definitely to watch out for and you decide whether its’ a YAY or a NAY to partner this with a burger.

Highlights and Sidelights:

Me and Chester the Cheetos

Chester - The One True King

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Midea Washing Machines Helps You Get Ready for Rainy Days

Now that the weather bureau declared it the rainy season, seeing dark clouds hovering over the sky is something to be frowned upon especially when you’re about to do laundry. Didn’t you notice it always do so whenever people are doing their laundry? Well in most cases, really.

With the monsoon season coming in, keeping clothes fresh and dry after laundry will definitely be a challenge. Nobody wants to go to work or school with their clothes still smelling as if it were just taken out of the tub. While there are some who go to the laundromat to get their clothes washed, this option costs as much as Php 40,000 a year— money that could have been saved for a really good washing machine.

credit to 123rf

While there are skeptics who find it hard to believe that modern washing machines have become more energy efficient and easier to use, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of appliances, Midea has been offering Filipino households with home solutions that could take their anxiety off from getting higher energy bills from using washing machines. And they have a lineup of washing machines that are easy to use, which could give everyone at home more time to spend each other’s company and bond over numerous activities.

Midea offers a fully automatic top load washing machine with a One Touch Wash Feature. With just a push of a button, it can wash, rinse, and spin dry clothes at just Php1 per wash load. It has smart sensors that only put the right amount of water in the tub, which also results to 37% in water savings. One very helpful tip though in washing clothes is to prioritize items that need to be washed as soon as possible, such as school or work uniforms, corporate attire, and underwear. Having a separate hamper for those items could also help lessen the time finding them through the laundry.

Midea’s Front Load Washer on the other hand, could save as much as 70% on water consumption for a complete wash, rinse, and dry cycle by using its Daily Wear setting. This could be paired with Midea’s Front Load Dryer, which could sit on top of the washer saving more space especially for condominium dwellers, and dry clothes as fast as 40 minutes at Php 10 in electrical consumption. This will keep clothes fresh for the rainy days without the need of hanging them in a clothesline. If one opts for more convenience, they could also get the iAdd Front Load Washing Machine which does all the dosing, saving more laundry products for use at a touch of a button.

For a more budget friendly option, Midea also offers their Single Tub Washing Machine that is also tough with ABS plastic lid and more energy efficient with their 20-cent energy consumption per wash load. With its multi-spoke pulsator, it is gentle on the clothes which makes it always fresh looking. A little help from fabric conditioners could make a big difference in hanging the clothes dry indoors. It doesn’t hurt to invest on an indoor rack, especially when the season brings in all the typhoons and heavy rains. Just make sure that the clothes are placed in a well-ventilated area at home to keep the unwanted smell away.

If a single tub is not enough, they could always go for the twin tub that does all the wash, rinse, and dry cycles. Its dual cleaning motion gets all the cleaning the clothes need with lesser tangles. It is energy efficient just costing “Piso” per wash load for the complete wash and spin cycle. With its Spin Air Dry Feature, Midea has made it possible to dry clothes faster and more efficient to prevent any unwanted smell from drying clothes indoors. It is also helpful to note that in spin drying clothes, it is better to fill the tub to its capacity than spin drying in small batches. With less spin cycles, the household could save more from their energy consumption while they are effectively drying most of their clothes.

With Midea’s lineup of washing machines that could provide cleaner and fresher clothes for everyday without having to worry about the weather and some of the tips that could help them get ready for the monsoon season, people could actually enjoy the confidence with their clothes whenever they go to work or school. And at the same time, families could actually enjoy more time together, even if it is their laundry day.

For more information on Midea’s products check out their website at and Facebook page

Beat the bed weather with a bottle of Kopiko 78°c

It’s been raining on and off the past few days and it’s so tempting to stay at home curled up in a ball covered by our warm and fluffy com...