Sunday, August 31, 2014


I've been hearing about BLOGAPALOOZA for years now and this year will be the first time i will be attending. And i'm real excited. I've read that close to 500 bloggers have already RSVP'd and looking at the names it would be nice to see the persons whose blogs i love reading and follows.


Blogapalooza is a community. It’s a link between big and small businesses who have something cool to share and the online community of people who love to share. Blogapalooza is a blogger event on crack! Lots of giveaways for the bloggers and online community and a chance for big and small businesses to present their product / brand / thingamajig to hundreds of influential bloggers and online social media influencers

I've read they are still inviting bloggers and you can register here.

So see you at the Blogapalooza 2014!!!

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