Thursday, September 15, 2016

Reliable Akari products for rainy season emergencies

It’s that time of the year when our country faces more stormy weather and rainy season is once again upon us. With it comes emergencies we should be prepared for, especially power failures that can cause various inconveniences. Lack of electricity will make studying in the dark a struggle for the kids, while causing sleep discomfort for parents and kids alike.

Akari, the country’s top lighting and electrical brand, solves your power failure troubles with reliable rechargeables that allow you to continuously perform tasks comfortably in the face of power outage.

For rainy days when electrical supply fails,Akarioffers LED emergency lights with two lamps, each with its individual on/off switch and battery life that can last up 30 hours. It also features a battery indicator that allows you to monitor its energy supply level.

Akari also offers rechargeable LED lanterns with flashlight, good for up to 12 hours operating time. It comes with a 5V output USB charging port which can be used  to charge your mobile phone in extreme emergency case.

Meanwhile, to help ease the heat during brownouts, Akarioffershandy rechargeablemini-fans with 1 watt torch lamp and 1.2 watt desklamp, good for up to 9 hours emergency time.

Keep these products handy at home because as they say, being over-prepared for emergency situations is better than being caught underprepared. 

To know more and to purchase these products online, visit Akari’s webstore, orFacebook page,

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