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New home, new kitchen: cookers tailored to your needs

The hub of every home, the kitchen has to be functional to make food preparation and cleanup efficient. This is why when moving to a new house or condo unit, a lot of energy is often poured onto building and organizing the kitchen.

Of the different appliances we have to decide for the kitchen, the cooker requires special thought. Lifestyle or habit will definitely play a big role when selecting the right cooking appliance, but that should not discount a host of other factors such as space, style, and functionality.

 “The kitchen is perhaps the busiest room in the house, but a good choice of appliances should help us make life simpler when we cook and prepare food,” said Leny Agdamag, Haier Philippines’ Product Manager for Small and Domestic Kitchen Appliances. “This is true for the cooker. With the right one for your needs, you can shorten cooking time for more quality time with your family.”

Every inch of kitchen space matters

If you’re moving to a small home, it’s important to be practical with what you put in the kitchen. Some apartments, for instance, might only have enough elbow room for a small cooktop.

For such limited spaces, Haier offers a range of options that can help you maximize your kitchen. Single-burner cooktops, for instance, are designed for tiny kitchens. If there’s room to spare, a two-burner or three-burner cooktop may be a better choice to help you save time preparing food for the family.

All-in-one cookers

If you’re lucky enough to get a new home with a spacious kitchen, free-standing gas ranges are something you can consider. Not only do they let you do multiple tasks in one spot, they may come with features that allow you to explore different cooking styles or even your hobbies.

To cater to the needs of every household gourmand, Haier offers a selection of free-standing ranges with features such as an oven for baking pies and cupcakes, Turnspit for roasting skewered meat, and hotplate for making crepes and pancakes.

Larger models come with up to five gas burners to help you prepare several dishes at once. If safety and heat-efficiency are your main concerns, you can opt for ranges with burners that utilize induction technology.

“Our cooktops and ranges are designed to bring comfort and convenience to the kitchen. If we can reduce the time we need to prepare meals, we get to do more with the people we love, like eating together,” Agdamag added.

For more information on Haier’s gas ranges and cooktops, log on to


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