Sunday, April 24, 2011

KFC Around the World

Whenever i'm in another place or country i make it a point to visit either McDonalds or KFC and it always fascinates me to find an altogether different menu especially in the case of KFC. Although chicken is still the main menu, you would be surprised to see what they have done with it. I haven't been to a lot of countries but i am curious enough to google what other countries have in their KFC menu.

(available at KFC Sri Lanka)

(available at KFC Brunei)

(available at KFC Paris)

(available at KFC Malaysia)

(available at any KFC Arab countries)

(This Roasted Chicken Sandwich is available at KFC Bangkok, Thailand)

(available at KFC Russia)

And i wish this Boxmaster will be available in KFC Manila soon....

(available in KFC Canada,US others)

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