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Top 5 Reasons Why We Need Grayns Rice Cooker

Have you ever noticed that when someone says they’re on a diet, you’ll observe that they cut down on their rice intake or worse they embark on a no-rice diet? Then I remember the effectiveness of cutting down on rice intake during the days when I’m trying to lose some pounds and somehow there’s truth in that. In a country where majority is a rice eater, it seemed hard not to include rice in our meals. For Pinoys, a meal is not complete without rice. But why is rice taking a bad rap in our quest to be healthy and lose some weight?

The problem with rice is just like any carbohydrates we consume for carbo-loading, it is made up of two starches where one is bad for our health. The two starches that make up rice are Amylose and Amylopectin. The level or ratio that determines whether a carbohydrate is classified as Rapidly Digestible Starch (RDS) or a Slowly Digestible Starch (SDS). Its just like how the starch is being turned into sugar during a certain process.


In a conventional rice cooker or in the normal way we cook rice for non-rice cooker user, the rice cooked has high ratio of RDS because the starch that turns into sugar stays back while it’s cooking. Noticed that as rice is near to being cook, there’s a gelatinous quality to it. That is the starch part with an extremely high glycaemic index that is dangerous to our health. Imagine eating that kind of cooked rice every day and three times a day.

There’s a reason why rice fills up us instantly and we feel energized after eating but its high glycaemic index can make us sluggish and even sleepy at most time, and that's where the danger lies.

Health-wise, a chronically high blood glucose levels have been clinically linked to over sixty ailments where the most serious includes heart disease, obesity, premature ageing, cholesterol, diabetes and even cancer.

What can we do with this matter? Hospital bills nowadays are very expensive but admit it, we cannot not eat rice as it is part of our lifestyle. May be the crux of the matter is that, we should just change the way we cook rice. There is the latest innovation namely Grayns – the first and only rice cooker in the world that takes the sugar or lower the glycaemic index out of rice.

During Grayns’ official launch last July 28, 2017 held at the EDSA Shangri-la Hotel, we were introduced to the wonders of the Grayns Rice Cooker and talks about healthy living and what we should know about our body. After the talks, almost everyone in the room want to have their own Grayns and you should too. 

Here are the top 5 reasons why we need Grayns Rice Cooker as part of our quest to live a healthy life:

The revolutionary health cooker, Grayns is the only healthy rice cooker in the world. It uses highly advanced technology and with the only patent in the world. It removes starch from rice and other starch sources thereby lowering caloric content and glycaemic load.

Cooking rice in the Grayns Rice Cooker dramatically reduces rice Glycaemic Load thereby making it highly recommendable to reducing the risk of Diabetes, Weight Gain, and Cardiovascular diseases.

Grayns Rice has many benefits such as lower glycaemic index; easier digestion and no more bloating feels; highly recommended for weight loss; less sugar means slower ageing, tastes better, rice is fluffier and ha 50 percent more volume when cooked; stays fresh for longer, rice does not spoil for up to five days; keeps you energetic and full for a longer time; and no more feeling sleepy and lethargic.

Grayns is perfect for diabetics both type 1 and type 2. It significantly helps each diabetic to control their blood sugar level and prevent spikes and crashes just fifteen minutes after use. Who says diabetics can no longer eat rice? They too can enjoy eating.

Grayns may be expensive with its 27k price tag but think of the benefits it could give you health-wise. Why spend on a very expensive gym membership that you seldom avail of and still eat unhealthy when you can have other ways to exercise and have Grayns.

For more information about Grayns, lab reports and testimonials, visit their website at

You can also access their social media accounts at:



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