Monday, April 20, 2015

Top 5 Discovery at TWG Tea Salon and Botique

English loved their teas and so am I. My cousin Grace and I went to TWG Tea Salon and Botique over at Rockwell Power Plant to have a snack and I love every minute of it. As i was looking at the menu, i'm amazed at how many teas are available for your enjoyment. And not only that there are lots of goods to be discovered here at  TWG Tea Salon and Botique. Here's my top 5

TWG Tea Scented Candles
 TWG Sugar Stick
 TWG Royal Moroccan Tea
TWG Silver Moon Tea and White Chocolate with Vanilla and Strawberyy Macaron
TWG Tea Container

Note: The photos of the Royal Moroccan Tea and the Tea Container are not mine.

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